Hi, I'm Elijah

freelance media artist

video production.

10+ years in video production has built the skillsets needed to produce professional products.  I provide video shooting and editing expertise in the Adobe suite, Final Cut Pro, and Davinci Resolve.  I specialize in marketing videos, weddings, training videos, and film.

live production.

With over 5 years experience in live production, I have the expertise to integrate, operate and troubleshoot various AV systems – rigging lighting and programming a show; mapping LED walls and projectors; operating sound consoles and mixing live bands and performances.

web design.

Let me take your website idea and turn it into a stunning end product.  I work mainly inside WordPress, but have experience in HTML and CSS.  Whether creating a shop or just a simple blog, a good base design is what matters most!

Hi there, I’m Elijah!


Out of all of the places on the internet you could’ve stopped on, you made it here! Let me tell you a little bit about myself and what I do.


I am a freelancer from Colorado Springs that specializes in camera operation, editing, live production and web development. From a young age I immersed myself into the world of technology and more specifically media. I have had a camera in my hand or a website idea for as long as I can remember.


Currently I work a full time job as an AVL (audio, visual, lighting) Engineer where most of my live production experience has stemmed from. On the side I develop websites, work as a contract camera op or edit creative videos for clients.


When I am not working, I’m going through multiple coding language courses to improve my skills and knowledge base. Right now I’m learning C# and plan to continue studying Python, JavaScript, C++ and possibly Swift.


My goal, no matter what area I am working in, is to perform with excellence and offer my best work possible. I enjoy taking creative ideas and turning them into a tangible product that is better than ever imagined. The best part about the work I do is seeing the smile on the clients face when they see their project come to life.

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