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Elijah Erickson

Media freelancer

[email protected]

Hi there, I’m Elijah! Out of all of the places on the internet you could’ve stopped on, you made it here! Let me tell you a little bit about myself and what I do.

I am a freelancer from Colorado Springs that specializes in camera operation, editing, live production and web development. From a young age I immersed myself into the world of technology and more specifically media. I have had a camera in my hand or a website idea for as long as I can remember.

Currently I work a full time job as an AVL (audio, visual, lighting) Engineer where most of my live production experience has stemmed from. On the side I develop websites, work as a contract camera op or edit creative videos for clients.

When I am not working, I’m going through multiple coding language courses to improve my skills and knowledge base. Right now I’m learning C# and plan to continue studying Python, JavaScript, C++ and possibly Swift.

My goal, no matter what area I am working in, is to perform with excellence and offer my best work possible. I enjoy taking creative ideas and turning them into a tangible product that is better than ever imagined. The best part about the work I do is seeing the smile on the clients face when they see their project come to life.